We create and redesign websites for the following purposes: business representation, media portal, online store, personal portfolio. Our goal is to help start-ups, small / medium businesses, non-profit organizations to build and grow their business through online presence.


Our primary objective is to create unique, attractive and functional websites for our clients. Our experienced team of IT specialists (system analysists, web developers, graphic designers, researchers) can manage most popular web platforms (Joomla, Word Press, etc) to create a brand new website or redesign an existing one. We first discuss with the client his ideas and needs. Based on this input, we determine the functionality of the website and start developing.  Depending on the client’s demands, we design additional graphic elements for the website to ensure the maximum visual impact.

Technical Support

As the project is finalized our job doesn’t just end there! Web Giunka provides a wide range of services to support and promote your website after it is completed. Technical support helps ensure your website backups are made on a regular basis and updates for the website engine and plug-ins are installed properly. On the other hand, the content on your website, whether it is text or graphics, has to be relevant and up to date. Our support includes on-demand CMS and extensions updates, copy writing services, graphics design, website graphic elements design and redesign.

What is Content Management?
Every website has articles, photos, images, video content and other components such as comments, subscriptions, etc. All this needs to be managed. Our experienced data entry staff will help you handle this annoying job.
English / French / Other languages are supported.

Content Management

Content is what your website is made of. Attractive images, catchy texts, dynamic videos – when done professionally, all make your website stand out, and therefore attract more visitors and clients. Web Giunka has a staff of professional copywriters who can help your business develop its unique voice through impactful texts, professional photographers and graphic designers who can create stunning imagery for online and offline use, and professional videographers and motion graphics designers who can produce commercials, interviews and presentations. Our data entry service allows us to create multilingual websites, as well as offer translation of the texts provided by clients. When the content is created we, then organize it into the most appropriate way such as article blocks, galleries, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

While your content help attract the visitors, search engine optimization helps such services as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, position your website more prominently, giving your business a significant advantage. Web Giunka develops all its websites with search engine optimization in mind. At the very beginning of each project, we do an extensive research and determine the necessary keywords, tags, and other metadata, which we then include into the articles on your website. The result of this approach is quicker and very accurate classification and positioning of your website.




2016 Project: Website for Montreal Notary
2015 Project : website for real estate broker


2017 Project: Website for renovation company (10 pages, 2 languages, content management)
2017 Project: Website  for electrical contractor (redesign, 15 pages, 2 languages)


Since 2013 we support our community website (content management, development strategy, email marketing, technical support and updates)
Since 2014 we volunteer for free for our friends by supporting this website.